The hull form of the Cape George Cutter is based on time-tested principles, inspired by the work of the late William Atkin. The long keel / short overhang concept results in a protected rudder and long waterline for high average speeds and self-steering ability. The deep cross-section gives excellent load carrying and an easy motion. Our yachts are noted for their strength and sea kindliness with excellent performance under sail even when heavily laden.


The hulls of our sailboats are of one-piece hand-laid moldings of fiberglass utilizing vinylester-based resins. The deck beams and carlins are of laminated Port Orford Cedar, a premier species for boat building with excellent resistance to decay. The BS 1088 marine grade plywood we use is a combination of Sapele, Jequitiba and Douglas Fir. The deck and cabin structure is heavily sheathed with fiberglass mat and roving combining the low maintenance exterior of fiberglass with the interior beauty of a wooden vessel.


We have found the cutter sailplan to be very suitable for offshore sailing and feel it is superior to a sloop in adverse conditions. For light winds, a single lightweight headsail on the headstay offers better performance going to windward and reaching.

Building Options

We offer our craft in various stages of completion from a bare hull to a complete yacht. We encourage prospective customers to visit the yard and inspect vessels currently under construction to develop a better understanding and appreciation of our craft and the processes involved. Our construction methods can accommodate a customer’s wishes in terms of deck layout, cabin arrangement, etc. We also provide drawings, components, and advice to assist owners completing their own boats from a bare hull. Many of these owner-builders have completed fine vessels and cruised them extensively.